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Solar Flarez - Pop Ups


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New 11,14,16mm Perfect for Ronnies

New for 2022, our dedicated Super Pop Ups! Not only do our 11m pop ups now hold a Ronnie, Chod or Stiff Link style rig up! We have also balanced our 14 and 16mm pop ups with a buoyancy that requires a similar weight for each size of pop up. No more half tubs of putty required! We believe this is an industry first where each size and type of pop up have been individually balanced to meet the colour, flavour and size of pop up in relation to modern day carp rigs!

Solar Flarez are the oldest High Attract Hookbait in the range having been around since the early 2000s. They contain a stunning Pineapple and Acid attractor system that has put literally thousands of carp on the bank.

Rolled by Tails Up with our own unique pop up mix which is hard yet leaks out constant attraction over a prolonged period.

Perfect for all pop up rigs or for using with zigs.

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Solar Flarez - Corkers