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Pro Seed Fresh Frozen


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The Pro Seed has become our no. 1 boilie of 2014. It's a little different to our other baits and boasts a few ingredients that are solely used by Tails Up, making it a very special boilie.

This Nut & Seed based boilie has been years in the making, we have worked hard to produce a boilie that’s completely different to anything we have developed before.

Its blend of nuts and milled seeds unique to Tails Up creates a crunchy and mottled appearance. A blend of Nuts, Seeds, Hemp Proteins, Vanilla Meal, Milk & Whey Proteins, Vegetable Proteins and Carbohydrates creates a lovely rich creamy base mix. The base mix is then complemented by a sweet fruity yet creamy undertone, a twist on the classic Banoffee added to that is a blend of hemp and corn oil, which works hand in hand with the base mix.

The finished boilie is crunchy yet digestible and leaks essential attractors as soon as it's applied. During testing it has proved itself through the summer and during winter use. It seems to pick the big fish out time and time again. Perfect for those not wanting to use a fish derived boilie.

Available in "Special Orders" Dark Pro Seed, Pink Pro Seed, White Pro Seed

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