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Pro Marine Fresh Frozen


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From the moment the Pro Marine was released to our team we knew this was going to be something special. The Pro Marine has delivered devastating results on every water it has been used on since.

The list of ingredients packed into this bait is staggering, we have incorporated many of our already groundbreaking ingredients but also added a number of new and exciting powders, liquids and attractors to create possibly the best boilie Tails Up have yet made. 

The new Pro Marine base mix has a blend of the best ingredients used within our other baits and was then enhanced furher by some carefully sourced attactors one of which took almost 5 years to source in the UK. Added to that is our unique liquid attractor system that includes one unique liquid that during testing out performed even the original L030. We then carefully blended a rich and poweful Anchovy liquid extract with the addition of the finest shrimp powder available to complete the attractor profile. This results in a very unique smelling and highly attractive bait than water snalils and naturals also find irresistable.

Initial testing saw some very promising results and after that first summer and some final tweaks it was clear we had designed what is now a hugely successful bait that will rival any fishmeal bait on the market, both for attraction and nutrition. Following it's release, the incredible string of big fish captures blew even us away and waters of the ilk of Burghfield, The Snake Pit, Horton Church Lake, The Essex Manor, Pingewood, The Quarry, Nashy's Church Lake and Wraysbury all surrendered some of their largest and hardest to catch residents to the Marine.

If you are looking for a true fish and marine meal bait for this coming season with a proven track record on the countries highest profile waters then look no further!

Base Mix:

Blended of the highest quality fishmeals including LT94 and pre digested fishmeals, krill, shrimp powder, seaweed extract, a careful balance of milk & whey proteins, yeast extracts, vegetable proteins, refined carbohydrates, milled seeds and wheat germ.

The Attractor profile:

Liquid Anchovy, our secret L030 replacement, vegetable extracts, Salmon & Hemp oils, natural sweetener and himalayan rock salt

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