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Pro Fruitz Fresh Frozen


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Our Dedicated Boilie for the colder months is now available.

Exactly as the name suggests the "Fruitz" is a combination of various different Fruit attractors, including liquids, oils, extracts and powders added to a blend of our proven base mixes. Creating the perfect Boilie to use once the water temperatures begin to fall.

The Fruitz has proven itself to be not only an instant bait but also lends itself to a prolonger winter baiting campaign right through the depths of winter


Due to the success of the Pink Fruiz pop ups it was really not hard to see we needed to develop a boilie to go along side them, as the attractor system is well proven the hard bit was setting a base for the liquids and powders to be married with.  

The easy option would of been to just add it to our long established Winter Mix. However the success during the colder months of the Red Fish mix in particular the OCM and more recently the Pro Seed meant we had two very good mixes to blend together that are well proven in cold temperatures.

 After some tweaking and the addition of extra Robin Red (genuine Haiths RR) the final Boilie was rolled and tweaked over last winter.

 The result is a beautiful smelling and looking dark red boilie that just screams winter carp fishing.  The Fruitz was developed to maximise all the liquids and ingredients meaning though its a little more expensive to our other baits it doesnt have to be intrduces in such high volumes and represents using less bait in the colder months. 

The next part was now to test it in the field and all I can say is the results by our team have been nothing shot of amazing. 

The Fruitz seems to catch from the off but has also proved itself over time as results have got better the longer the bait has been introduced.

From the response we have had form our team of testers we are sure the Fruitz is set to become a firm favorite for the winter of 2016 and beyond.

The Fruitz  Boilie will be available in Natural Red in 2.12kg bags upwards and as special order in 10kg amounts in  Black, Baby Pink, Yellow and White.

Matching Product Range - all our hook baits will be available in red and white together with all the other matching products as standard including the Slick oil which has become Tails Ups best matching product of the year!

Base Mix:

Blend of Tails Ups, Pro Seed and Red Fish base mixes, with added extra Robin Red and Fructose Crystals. 

The Attractor profile:

A Secret blend of 5 Liquid Fruit Flavours and Oils, with an added Fruit powder, vegetable extract, Hemp oil, Sweetener


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