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Sloppy Spod Mix


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Packed full of crushed and whole seeds, includes the matching base mix and flavours.

Our Sloppy Spod mix matches each bait in the range, ensuring your spod mix leaks the same attraction as your chosen boilie.

The mix incorporates whole and crushed seeds as well as the corresponding base mix and flavours.

This spod mix gives you a great base to work from, use it exactly as it comes or add any goodies you wish, sweet corn, pellet, boilie crumb etc


Preparation: Poor 2kg of sloppy spod mix into a bucket add 2 liters of boiling water.

Put the lid on and leave for 3 hours then it’s ready to use (this gives you approximately 30 medium sized spods full).

Add additional lake or cold water when ready, to reach required sloppyness.

For best results add 50-100ml of matching bait dip, half a kilo of Boilies to the 2kg bucket, a few handfuls of sweet corn, pellet and half a kilo of prepared hemp seed, mix well and its ready to use.

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