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Super Buoyant in Yellow - White - Pink - Black

The Super Cornz are Super Buoyant. With our new improved recipe, the texture and durability now make the Super Cornz tougher, yet still take on flavours just as well as the original Cornz! 

As ever Plastic Free and totally fish safe.

During testing fish to over 40lb have been caught which will feature in the next Carp Angle episode 16 on You Tube.

The New Super Cornz will retail at £5.49 per Pot and Refill pack at £5.24 


Cornz Concept

They are a sweetened, flavourless, corn shaped, buoyant hook bait that you can customise with your own chosen flavours and enhancers.

Customise your Cornz by adding up to 1ml or 5 bait sprays to a pot or pack of 20 Cornz. 

They are Plastic Free and Non-Toxic to the environment, a perfect replica of a piece of corn from a tin in two carefully crafted sizes.


Little Cornz – How to use

1 Little Cornz act as the perfect topper 

2 little Cornz hold a ronnie up! 


Large Cornz – How to use

1 Large Cornz can be used as a topper for larger baits. 

2 Cornz will easily hold a Ronnie or Hinge even with flavours and liquids added to them. 


Available in 

Little or Large Cornz

Pots -  QTY 20  @ £5.49

Refill Pack - QTY 20 @ £5.24


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