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Hunting Monstas 20kg Deal


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20kg Boilie, plus matching Sllick Oil 500ml, Liquid Extract 500ml and Aminos Bait Powder 250g Plus a FREE Tub of Little & Large Cornz worth £9.98

The liquids and powders have been designed to be used in conjunction with 20kg of boilie, simply add 1/4 of each product to 5kg of boilie.

Plus a FREE Tub of Little & Large Cornz

How To Use

First add 5kg of boilie to a bucket

add approx 125ml (1/4 bottle) of liquid extract - shake 

add approx 125ml (1/4 bottle) of slick oil  - shake 

add 60g (1/4 pack) of powder - shake/stir well

For best results prepare a few days before your session and add onto bait as thawing or add to fresh boilie then freeze and thaw out a day or so before you plan to fish.

You can re aply more liquids and powder should you wish, however the sytem has been designed to apply once to the bait and to last for the 20kg of bait, you can of course use less on the first apllication if you wish.

I persoanly have used this appliction on my bait for the last 4 or 5 years and truly belive it to be a massive edge when fished up against  a standard boilie apporach.




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