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Gav Sutton

Pro Team - Gavs 2nd bite using OCM was an epic 45lb mirror, needless to say he was sold from that point on! As a family man with limited time he relies heavily on pre baiting and making the most of the time he gets, and boy does he catch a few...

It was around 4 years a go now that myself and a few friends decided we were all going to bait heavily our new found syndicate and we sat there on a cold winters evening talking and generally getting ourselves all buzzed up for the coming spring when out popped the age old question......what bait?
I hadn't really thought about that to be honest and had been flirting with a few companies as many do but hadn't found anything I could say I personally was 100% confident in.
It was while discussing this that Tails Up came up in conversation and after reading all about it and speaking with Ash he told us all we needed to know and answered all questions we had which led to us going in with the OCM
Well the season started and we were amongst them straight from the off.
I was really lucky as my first two bites were 36+ and 45+ so I was over the moon but what followed that season left me and the others so confident in the bait it was a piece of the jigsaw we need not worry about again.
That year in just 3 1/2 months out of a total of 74 fish caught we had 56 of them and a new lake record WOW!
Anywhere we used the bait it was instant, from Suffolk Water Park to the Lockwood and everywhere in between, we won matches and qualified for the bcac semi's, its has never let us down and could personally never recommend it to anyone enough!
Thanks Ash!!

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