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  • The Annie, my personal best at 58lb 2oz, Pro Fish
  • The Big Grey, 45lb 10oz - OCM
  • Shoulders, 35lb 10oz - Pro Marine
  • Pukka Common, 37lb 2oz - Pro Seed
  • Hendrix, my floater caught personal best, 40lb 14oz
  • The Back Up, my Zig caught personal best, 43lb
  • Geezers, 44lb 10oz - Pro Fish

Ash Bradbury

The Bossman, Ash has been at Tails Up since 2005 and has a passion for designing some of the very best baits available on the market today. A Sparsholt College graduate, he has an enviable knowledge of everything carp related and enjoys targeting large often pressured carp around his home county of Essex.

A life long angler with 30 years of fishing experience, Ash has been fortunate enough to use some of the best baits around. Baits such as Activ-8 and the Shellfish B5 showed him the way in terms of what it means to produce a bait that stands out from the crowd.

Ash is as passionate about bait as his own angling. His current personal best from the UK stands at 58lb 2oz, the Annie and has caught a host of 40lb+ carp to back it up. Over the years he has fished some the most prestigious lakes in the country. Snake pit, Toll Pits, Frimley, Kingsmead, Essex Manor, Braxted Back Lake, The Quarry and Cleverly Mere being just a few of these.

With almost two decades of bait formulation behind him, he has built on the core foundations of what is required to make a quality bait that the carp both find instantly attractive and gain from nutritionally at the same time.

His understanding of what ingredients and attractors work at what levels is undisputed, pushing the boundaries of bait formulation to the next level. His dedication in trialing baits for a prolonged time period with the help of an aspirational fieldtesting team means that baits will only be brought to the market once fully tested. This means maximum results can be achieved fby our customers and no stone is left unturned in formulation and testing. .

During his time at Tails Up, he has produced the current crop of leading baits starting with the Pro Fish, then the Pro Seed and Pro Marine and culminating in the new Sea Monsta. He has been the driving force behind what makes Tails Up stand out form the crowd .The dedicated matching products range being one of his most succesful innovations. The biggest complement is that now many other companies have had to follow suit and produce similar matching products such as criticals, hard hook baits and special corkball pop ups to stay with the crowd.

He takes pride in producing the freshest, best quality bait possible. To finish off are some words from The Bossman himself:

 "What makes all the hard work worthwhile is when a phone call or email is received from a customer having broken their personal best or caught their target fish - it still gives me the same buzz after all these years!"

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