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Nicolas Last

Having had the pleasure of seeing Nic’s angling grow from an early young age and witness the angler he has become it was only going to be a matter of time until he would be a big part of our team. He has an uncanny “nack” of catching his target fish and quickly! Its taken a while to get him to be a a part of the team as he has always liked to keep things very low key but here at Tails Up we are delighted to have him on board. Expect to see some more stunning wily old carp very soon.

Nic said "Having used various bait company’s over the years and flitting between them on different waters I was put onto Tails Up by some close friends, being very fussy I knew what I wanted from a bait. 

A lot of my angling is done on the tricky pressured waters where the carp have seen it all over the years, but I also love the quiet neglected little pits. I wouldn’t class myself as an out and out big fish angler, for me it’s about the history and strain/looks over the size of carp whether it be in a small water or a big pit. 

I received my first batch of bait being the Pro Marine, initial impressions were very good so going on to catch a goodun first night using the bait on a very tricky water certainly fills you with the confidence you need when you are fishing those hard waters. I no longer need to question my bait when I step onto the water. 

Having used all of the baits in the range I have all angling aspects covered and have the upmost confidence in each and everyone of them. Becoming part of the Pro Team is a big step for me as my angling has been kept relatively quiet between friends and family for many years but I’m positive it’s a step in the right direction and I am looking forward to many more years to come putting carp on the bank with a Tails Up boilie hanging from its mouth (ps probably ocm 😂)"

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