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Pro Marine - Its coming!

The eagerly awaited Pro Marine will go on sale Spring 2016 with the official release date around 23 rd March, with pre ordered from March 1st.

With so many companies popping up, some with names attached to them and some with fancy packaging its easy to get blinded or misguided. One thing Tails Up has above and beyond all the new bread is a proven track record over the last decade and beyond and our constant drive to develop and produce new and quality products is what sets us apart and we believe “The Pro Marine” will continue to do just that!

"The Journey"

The "Pro Marine" has been thoroughly tested over the last 2 years with outstanding results, including numerous UK 50s, 40s, and host of big fish to back them up. We don’t just release a bait unless we believe that it really does raise the bar form our outstanding range of proven baits already available. 

Life evolves and as a result carp bait does to with Tails Up constantly sourcing new and groundbreaking ingredients, after a decade trying to source a certain product we finally found something that during tank testing out performed evan extracts such as lo30. The reaction we got was staggering and then during initial testing once the product was subtly blended into a New “Marine” Base Mix, including the Finest Fishmeal's already in use from our Red and Pro Fish range, we added a few extra proven attractors and oils to create the initial end product. 

Over the first year "2014" the base mix was tweaked until we found the right blend of all the ingredients, the real secret to the mix is the Fishy undertone blended with milled seeds and finished in a subtle dark grey colour which not only less intrusive to the fish then bright, lighter coloured baits but it also helps keep the birds away. Then it was a case of fine tuning the liquid and powdered attractors to enable us to maximise the most from the bait, countless mixes were done that first year until we were totally happy with the final product. From the off It was clear we were onto something a very special as i myself caught my target fish only a few weeks after starting to use the “Marine”. so after the initial testing had been undertaken we decided to take it to the next stage for 2015 and let it out to our wider field testers. 

As a result the expectations for 2015 were high and during the spring we were not disappointed by a number our Team testing the “Marine" catching their target fish and not only were they catching their targets but also ridiculous amounts of fish along the way. It also was the year to fine tune the matching product range, including Corkers, Pop Ups, Criticals etc and as with all our other ranges the Full Range of Matching Products will be available come the release date. Through out 2015 the Pro marine really did grow in reputation and dominated the waters where it was used that is not just a statement but a fact.  

We are now in no doubt that the “Pro Marine” will become one of Tails Ups renowned big fish baits in the coming years….

Heres to 2016 :)

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