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Hybrid Shelfies 2019

2019 brings exiting times ahead for Tails Up with a host of new products set for release at the Brentwood Carp Show.

You will be able to see our new “Hybrid Shelfies” for the first time. Something we are particularly proud of.

Over the last few years we have been producing batches on a small scale of what has now become known as "Hybrid Shelfies"

The popularity of this product has grown and over time we have perfected being able to stabilise our fresh frozen range and are now confident we have the perfect Hybrid of a Freezer Bait to a Shelf Life Bait without compromising ingredients, texture, taste and ultimately its quality.

With a minimum 1 year shelf life and to be used within 2 months once opened. It gives you convenience of the best quality shelf life without having to freeze the bait.

With significant investment and time into the factory to make it viable on a larger scale we are now ready to make it available to everyone.

We are also delving into specialised packaging which is a first for Tails Up. Ordinarily we prefer to spend the money on our product but after careful and a painstaking process of many sample bags with a brief the packaging had to be 100% recyclable and the bait sealed air tight to maintain freshness. We now have a finished supplier and bags on the way in time for the @brentwoodcarpshow.

One note to make is we will keep a small stock of Pro Marine, Pro Seed and Ocm at any one time available in 12mm, 16mm and 18mm. However if you require large volumes for France or different sizes then we have the flexibility to roll the “Shelfies” fresh to order. Once again making the bait as fresh as possible, so if your going to France etc and require large volumes we can schedule it in and roll it fresh a week or so before you require, hows that for service?

So heres to 2019, we will be at the Brentwood Carp Show 26 & 27th January.

Pre Order for The Brentwood Carp Show or delivery first week fo February.





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Brentwood Show 25/26th January